It’s a Labour government

What a remarkable night. 

First and foremost it’s a night that belongs to the Labour party and incoming Prime Minister, Keir Starmer.

It’s a Labour landslide of 1997 proportions, but not with Blair levels of enthusiasm. 

The British electorate is a sophisticated lot and has moved en masse to remove the Conservatives from office.

It’s a great night for the LibDems who are back as the third party of British politics – a mantra taken from the SNP whose vote has collapsed in Scotland to the benefit of Labour.

But Labour’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep.

The next Parliament is going be one of the most interesting of my adult lifetime. With pro-Gaza independents, Reform, Jeremy Corbyn and the Greens, Starmer’s honeymoon will be short as he is attacked from both sides of the political spectrum.

Nigel Farage and his three new Reform colleagues could prove to have an oversized influence in the Commons. Reform have hastened the demise of the Tories, for sure, but the performance of Farage’s party is an issue too for Labour, as it looks to hold together a coalition of voters from a wide variety of constituencies across Britain.

Strap in, it’s going to be fascinating.