We are a young company and we are ambitious for our clients, our team and ourselves. Our ambition is expressed in a fearless attitude to the work we seek to undertake, the clients we wish to work for and the issues we want to work on. Where we see opportunities to benefit Lowick and our clients, we act quickly and decisively. We never want to lose our entrepreneurial spirit.


We are committed to excellence in all we do. We expect the highest standards for ourselves and our clients. Cut and paste, ‘just enough’ and ‘same old’ are not the Lowick way. We want our clients to consider us their highest quality advisers. We aim for industry-leading performance in all we do.


Repeating what has gone before is not the Lowick way. Intellectual creativity is at the core of our approach to consultancy. We challenge ourselves, our clients and our team. Original, smart ideas are our lifeblood. We have a point of view: we are advisers and consultants, not agents.

We are team with a diverse set of strengths. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond ourselves and is expressed in our approach to helping the whole Lowick team become better every day. We help each other out and we share ideas, insights and experience to help us all succeed together. When Lowick thrives, we all share in our success.